How to Play Save Rasheed!
A Hero is a player who enjoys completing quests and earning "HeroTokens". HeroTokens are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which can be held in compatible cryptowallets. Each HeroToken NFTs contains UNIQUE information, which can then be read in a game's interface. For example, Learn more about NFTs are here.
1-2-3 Guide
1. Log in to Save Rasheed via Portis (

2. Complete Quests by exploring the world and checking in at locations.

3. Claim your HeroTokens at the end of each Quest!

(coming soon)
An Architect is a player who wants to create quests for Heroes! When you create a quest, you receive a "QuestToken". A QuestToken is also a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that can be owned, collected, and traded! In a single QuestToken, there will be information about the specific quest. For example, a QuestToken may tell you what location confirmations are required, how many HeroTokens are available for this quest, if the quest is timed, etc!
1-2-3 Guide
(coming soon)
1. Create a fun and exciting Quest by using the IPFS Save Rasheed Template

2. Send your quest submission to While our Quest Architect app is under construction!

3. Get paid when a hero completes a Quest

What is Save Rasheed?
Save Rasheed is a proof-of-concept Geodapp! A Geodapp is a location-focused dApp, or decentralized app. In the game, the "Hero" is someone who completes Quests designed by "Architects". For Save Rasheed's first release at SPATIAL, you'll be playing a quest designed by us! :) The game requires you to follow an in-game map to different locations, and confirm your location at each step. Once you have confirmed all the required locations, you will be eligible to complete the quest and claim your very first Save Rasheed HeroToken! IMPORTANT NOTE: Save Rasheed is not currently connected to the XYO Network for location verification, and uses GPS for verifying locations.


Log In Methods:

We suggest making a Portis account and logging in with Portis first, and THEN adding your other login methods. Right now, if you log in with Google or Facebook first, and add Portis wallet after, you will NOT be able to log in via Portis (but the wallet will still be associated with your account and you will still be able to earn HeroTokens when you complete quests). We are looking to solve this issue, but for maximum log in options, please log in with Portis first! (Learn more about Portis here:

What is a HeroToken?

A QuestToken is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), meaning it is a UNIQUE token that only YOU can claim when you complete a Quest! The first QuestToken EVER will be a "Save Rasheed" Token that is exclusive to XYO Network's first annual SPATIAL conference in San Diego, California. Because a QuestToken is a NFT, this means you can even trade it with others if you want!

What is a QuestToken?

A QuestToken is the Token associated with a Quest that a Hero can complete.

Can I just collect QuestTokens?

Yes! We like to breakdown gameplay into two sections: Hero and Architect. An Architect designs Quests that the Hero can then complete! However, there is nothing stopping you from simply being a person who collects QuestTokens that are made by Architects. The owner of a QuestToken is the person who will be paid each time a Hero completes this Quest.