About the Game
Save Rasheed is a "proof-of-concept" app designed by the LayerOne dApp Studio. It is the Studio's first Geodapp that uses the dApp creation tools they have been working on, such as Dapper, Dache, and Dapploy.
About the Team
LayerOne dApp Studio is a dApp Studio owned by the XYO Network and operated in Sacramento, California. Affectionately known as XYO Sac, the team is currently comprised of Kevin Weiler, Rasheed Bustamam, Graham McBain, and CJ McGregor. The team develops dApp-related tools to help developers new and experienced alike learn about the decentralized app space. One of their major goals is to show developers just how simple it is to learn about dApps, and create their own! Due to their current relationship to XYO Network, the team has been working on Geodapps like Save Rasheed, but aims to provide tools for Geo and non-geodapps.